Sex is Topic

Everywhere I look- sex, as in gender and roles and the ‘et al’ that goes with all of that, is the scintillating topic. This is good news for me since I am getting ready to continue the “Place of Women” and the gender discussions. An abundance of blog fodder is now available! The Anchoress and Fausta and MaxedOutMama had some mutual discussions going on, the religious Godblogs, of course are continuing the conversations… some in response to news foofahs, such as the post over @ evangelical outpost, which I diverted to some side topics that I thought were important, some in response to the ongoing issues of traditional vs. modern women. But now I have found this, METRODADDY V. UBERMUMMY[warning gentle readers: explicit language and content]. You have to love that title, absolutely love it! It just about sums up the packaging and repackaging of gender definition. And that reminds me of all the advertising ( and we mustn’t forget how Madison Avenue plays into much of this) that is stalking and molding the retrosexual guy, AKA a redneck – “Foxworthy” style, at the same time.

Oh the fun with names and labels! But underneath all the fun and games is a real search for definition of self and of gender role, and serious wrestling between conflicting ideologies.

It is a topic that, while it may ebb, never is completely far off the horizon.

I leave you with this comment from Mark Simpson of the “Metrodaddy” article:
“If men are, as some have put it, being more like ‘women’ maybe it’s because they can’t rely on women to be ‘women’ for them any more.”

Now, there’s a thought to chew on a bit. What’s with that?