Slow Lane Blogging

I find I am in the slow lane online lately. I haven’t run out of ideas to discuss or topics to explore, in fact, I have many unfinished ones that call for a series of posts. I am not tired of writing, I wish I could devote more of my time to it right now. I have many interests that just started in recent month: facebook, twitter, and other things like that. But I am not able to do my usual acrobatic balance act. I find that if I really want to be the person I need to be I have to put more into my ©Real Life.

I hesitate to call this a hiatus or even a semi-hiatus, because I know how I am- and it is always possible that there will be a blog burst here or there, but I do want those who I have forged relationship with here on the blog to know that I am slowing down for a bit. I owe some posts to the Intellectuelle blog – so that is probably where I will try to put my effort for a couple posts at least, and will alert here when I do. Wow, I really hate to do this. I really want to write much more than I do, and improve, but I think that I am becoming, or have become much more shallow and undisciplined, and that means putting a stop on my escape to the computer. At least until I accomplish some of the things I want to accomplish in this season.

Christmas does have something to do with it. I want to return to creating a less hectic, more meaningful holiday for my children- they are all teens now and we only have a few years to count on making memories here together. And maybe it is my age, but I can’t seem to shoehorn everything in. I am having to take my time, and take one thing at a time, which is something I haven’t done for years. But I just can’t get the old mare moving like she used to, so the blogging activity will have to slow down a little bit… as it has been, but this just makes it official. Just so you know I am not losing interest, or planning on disappearing altogether. I am sort of committed to this thing, just not as a front burner sort of activity at this time. I used to stay up all night ( insomnia fueled) to do the blog, but I need to get my sleep habits back in order (um, back how far I don’t know!) sleep deprivation has been related to weight and blood pressure problems- both of which I am having to deal with. Plus – no sleep means getting cranky; and we don’t want that! I mean, more of that;)

Here’s what needs more time: homemaking so that I can feel I am giving my best to my family and trying to resume more hospitality efforts; memory making activities like baking and field trips to fun places; mercy ministry and prayer participation with my fellowship. At this point I feel that once I actively succeed in resuming more of these things, I should be able to add blogging back in. It really depends on whether I become more disciplined again. Right now I am just all over the place… hit and miss which makes me feel very unsteady to say the least.

OK, now that I have written this you might find the contrarian in me might just have a blog burst right off the bat, but the fact is that I am having to face a rebalancing of my habits and time commitments, and that means slow lane blogging probably until January or maybe longer? Don’t know yet.

The Advent blog will be set up to post every day, throughout the season, though. Here and the garden blog, along with any facebook or twitter activity, is where the slowdown will be most apparent.