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Updates on the social sites and new blogging tools I am trying:

what I’m Using Now

Scribefire and Livewriter are still about the same for my purpose- I read a recommendation to bloggers that posts should be kept in one central place (editor) to keep better organized. Many bloggers advise using the “future post” scheduling feature, I should probably use that more. Since “justblogit” was outmoded, I’ve tried several things to replace it: scribefire allows for a “blog this”, but it is not as simple as justblogit was, and now I am trying something calledclipmarks. It has a nifty little icon that sits in your browser. It can do lots of things like pull a snippet and store it online, but I haven’t had it long enough to get used to using it- but you might want to try it out.

I’ve been using Facebook a lot, although not as much this last week. It is geared to so many demographics that you step on each others toes, sometimes. Like with the games or cute little social gestures of “gifts”, etc. It is like mixing the serious,. down to business types and the spontaneous funloving types at parties… it is meant to get everyone to know each other, but those who are more serious get a bit grouchy with the invites and socializing knocks on their internet door (I think they expect everything to have “LinkedIn” businesslike manners). I say “try it you might like it”, but I’ve had people get mad about some of the game invites. The internet can be a touchy place.

I’ve updated Firefox. It still freezes for me- but I just delete the cache periodically and that helps. I don’t like the new history- it is much harder to figure out when you want to find someplace from a few days back. The interface is much more like IE than it was. The bookmarks can sync with delicious.

delicious is something I’ve had for years now, but I haven’t really utilized it well. This is one reason I didn’t opt to tie my firefox bookmarks in with my delicious account. I have an obscene number of bookmarks, all very badly organized. Or I should say badly unorganized. Which is why I don’t want to foist them on an unsuspecting public, but think it is a useful feature for the neater bookmarking talents of others.

Apps and Add-ons

good. I’ve been using “Twitterfox” to update my twitter and get realtime updates from those I follow. I like that most of the time. I notice other people posting to twitter through other apps, but I haven’t checked them out. I really enjoy following those on my list.

I would experiment more, but I haven’t gotten that better internet connection yet… I think I’ll go ask my hubbie what’s up with that….

If you have comments or experiences to share I’d sure like to know,,, leave a link to your post or write your comments here.

6 thoughts on “Social Networking and Blogging Tools”

  1. Ah, yes, I recall getting invited to join in some medieval game on Facebook… sigh, if only I had the time to play.

    I see some of the same issues with Facebook. Some of my friends have hundreds of “friends” tagged in their profile. Yack, yack, yack… most of it. But a good way for a social group (an extroverted social group, I might add) to keep up to date on the happenings of each other.

    I’m upgrading to Firefox 3 on the desktop after having tried it out on the laptop. I use delicious, but also need to do some major housecleaning.

    On another front, I’ve started a kitchen garden in our backyard (I’ve even taken to digging vegetable scraps and coffee grounds in to the clay soil based on a garden blog you might know about). Have had minimal luck with the seeds, but probably due to starting late and not watering properly for a raised bed configuration.

  2. So far my upgrade to FF3 has been ok. The biggest issue for me has been the new URL bar, but I installed this add-on and it’s been a little better. Just FYI, this is an experimental add-on so you have to create an account on if you want to install it. I haven’t noticed a problem with the history. Can’t you just choose to view by date?

    For FTP I use FireFTP. No problems with it yet and it just runs as another tab in FF.

    I really like Clipmarks. I run across a lot of good quotes and I had no easy way to save or get back to them. This is an easy solution. I like that you can publish to your blog too, even though I haven’t really used that feature.

    What I’d like to have :

    – An FF integrated RSS reader that stores your feed list online. I’m using Sage Too which I like but I want an easy way to share between computers without having to resort to Bloglines or something like that.

    – Something along the lines of Clipmarks to store links to articles I want to read again. I’m kind of anal in that I don’t want to clutter my bookmarks with this. Maybe Delicious would suit my needs. Maybe I’ll look into that. Or maybe I can create a Clipmarks category just for that. Hmmmm….

    What can I say about Facebook… I just can’t seem to get into it. And Twitter, well, do I really need to know what someone just had for lunch in Kalamazoo? I know, there’s probably some non-trivial use for it that I just haven’t seen yet. 🙂

    One thing I wish every blog owner should implement is Quicktags for their comments. You know, so you can bold, italicize, or create links without having to type in the HTML.

    Maybe a little too demanding, huh? 🙂

  3. Oh, for tracking comments I use Co.mments. It’s one of the most useful tools out there, IMO. It’s not perfect but it’s the best out of the available options that I’ve run across. It also has a “bookmarklet” for Firefox so all you have to do is click “track” on a page with comments and it’ll keep up with where your commenting.

  4. I just lost a long comment to you two. I am so mad at myself. I’ll try to repost something later. Too frustrated to write the whole thing out at the moment. blah! Where’s the app for that? I need dsl…

  5. Trying again.
    Rusty, in response to your “Kitchen Garden” comment I wrote a new article on Ilona’s Garden.
    -left sidebar, “In Quest of the Good Garden“. Raised beds keep things warmer and drier.
    Facebook has recently changed its configuration, become more complex but better organized. It is a good way to keep in touch with a wide range of demographics, but that is what also creates the difference between the serious and the funloving aspects of the site. I think it is something worth experimenting with- it has lots of possibilities for the blogger who wants to impact ppl. Which is why many of us Godbloggers spend the time writing (IMO)

    Brian, thanks for the hint about com.ments. I should definitely look into that because I like to comment but lose my place when too much is going on…
    Twitter helped me to see others online in more dimension, I don’t use it as often as I could. It also has been a way to find inspiration thro links or what ppl are saying. I don’t worry too much about daily drivel- we all have daily drivel 😉 I guess I develop enough of a “scan” process to dig out what interests me.
    Quicktags is reasonable- I s’pose it is a plugin? Will also look into that…

    See? Just two comments here and it gave me a post and a few ideas for improving my blogging-what more can I ask?

  6. Ilona,

    Thanks for the post at your gardening blog! Very informative. I’ll have my wife read it also. I hadn’t realized about the drainage and warmth issues related to raised-beds, but it makes sense. Also, we’ve had some hot weather, so I’m thinking the seeds simply didn’t get enough water. I added in some of our “normal” clay-laden soil to beef up the mix a bit in the hopes of holding a bit more water. I had also read about shading the seedlings as they appear, so as to protect them from Mr. Sun. We’ll probably have to do that.

    Brian, do I really need to know what someone just had for lunch in Kalamazoo? I agree!

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