State Funds For Schools-what it will cost you

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Schwarzenegger ignores religious conviction

With a tough reelection fight looming, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this week signed a controversial nondiscrimination bill. SB 1441 prohibits discrimination, on the basis of sexual orientation, against any person in any program or activity “that is funded directly by the state, or that receives any financial assistance from the state.” Most directly affected will be educational programs, including religious colleges.The new law would mean for example, that a Christian college whose doctrine adheres to biblical morality would be required to hire openly gay professors if that college were to accept Cal Grant money. In effect, the law puts the boot of the state squarely on the necks of private institutions, withholding a significant state benefit because of religious beliefs.

Homeschool advocates have been warning about this for years and years. This has always been the perogative of state funding, and that goes for those types of “homeschool” that accept public school oversight and support. Once the government gives you a hand out it can call in the favor with regulations that likely abrogate an important freedom.

So religious colleges are caught up short on this…. why are they surprised?