Stock Market Wisdom

I have mentioned that I do a little stock market investing. I have mediocre results, but good enough that I desire to keep on climbing the learning curve. As human beings we respond like that: give us good enough return and a little hope and we continue- let the reward dry up and we tend to move on to other interests. While learning more about the stock market I come across some interesting bits of news every so often, and now, human behavioral insights that apply to a broad spectrum of life.

Two blogs offering that wisdom and insight are Steenbarger’s Traderfeed with his post, The Most Dangerous Word in the Trader’s Vocabulary, and the referring site, Curtis Faith’s The Way of the Turtle whose book sounds so intriguing that I am putting it on my “next to read” list.

For now, take a look at what these men have to say.. after i catch up a bit here I want to take a look at the spiritual applications of some of what they have to say. And, oh yes, there are some.