Supremely Unknown

Lots of people – perhaps most with any political interests are discussing the Supreme Court nominee(s). I consider it mostly attempts to see into the future. There’s been more than a little turnabout in how elected and non-elected officials have made decisions.

I don’t know what to think about President Bush’s choices, right now. I do know what I think about those issues that the previous Supreme Court has enacted to completely derail our society: Roe vs Wade,Employment Division v. Smith, 494 U.S. 872 (1990) (Religious Freedom), and Kelo (property rights, eminent domain). All that is going to matter is whether the court can get back on track to upholding the Constitutional mandate and the rights of this people to govern themselves or not… instead of rewriting law. And whether we can reverse those horrendous decisions.

It is troubling that we have not been able to count on our conservative officials to do even the most elementary things they have on their agenda. I am beginning to think it is a matter of instestinal fortitude. They just don’t have it and neither do the majority of us who bellyache about it.

Lots of us just thought it would be easier to turn back the tide of moral morbidity, and since it is proving more difficult than we thought we are throwing in the towel on the fight. Why can’t a majority Republican congress get some Consitutionally sound judges on the bench? Why can’t they? I have only one answer: they don’t have the will. And that puts them not far off the mark of the inept Lousiana officials who have only their own careers on their priority list. From the top down. With the same destructive results.

We have seen many virtues go down the tubes in our nation, it appears that duty to ones fellow man is long gone, probably left with the duty to God ideal …replaced with “devil take the hindmost” philosophy. Well, the devil’s got ya’ where he wants ya’…happy?

And it is no telling how the present nominees to the Court are going to work out. Anyone who really knows isn’t talking, or has been drowned out in all the speculations and prognostications.

If we had to be saved from ourselves, it was never a president or any other official who was going to be sufficient for the task. That is a bigger job than any government can handle. We need to take ourselves to task and to God.

but will we