Tellin’ It Like It IS � How not to comment about Katrina let’s people know what it is like from the inside of the situation.

After giving a quick refresher on civics, what part of government is responsible for what, RazorKiss has to collar the “armchair commentator, nowhere close to the scene” and talk a little sense.

Sometimes you have to listen to someone who knows whereof they speak… and hint, it isn’t always the “experts”.

You know I just loved this:
” [armchair commentator]: Bush did worse- he did photo-ops that actually impeded aid!

[RK: Get over yourself.

A president visiting a disaster area occurs everytime there is a disaster. He visited after Ivan, after Hurricane George here, and after just about every other declared disaster in the history of the area.

Once again – the ignorance rears it’s head. Shut up. Everyone appreciated it here.”

The guy nails it on every point. Maybe because he lives there, maybe because he has some good old fashioned sense… maybe because …just because, but he does.
Dont’ miss what he says about “racism conspiracy theories”.