Thankful Thursday

I almost forgot again. Ok, in my general mood this is going to be a harder exercise this time.

I am thankful for
… the consolation of the Word of God. Really. It brought me back from many a despair and protected many from the outflung brands of my anger. It calms me, and gives me perspective and directs me towards the higher path of action. It corrects me, and mollifies my sorrows and grievances. It feeds me, and yet contains my passions.

….hot water. Not the kind I get myself into- but the soaking bath, settle my senses, sort of hot running water that I just love so much. And that makes me thankful that I have the ability to go to the store and buy aromatherapy stuff and feel good from it. Thank you Lord, for functioning smell and good things to smell and hot water to soak in.

…. for this next one you have to understand that I watched Jericho the other night….. I am thankful for working utilities in a nation of peace. I am glad I have a home and that it comes with a full set of utilities; to heat all that hot water, you know.

….bloggers and blogging; just because it helps make life fun and stretches my thinking, and I am grateful for that.

…. today I am thankful for my husband. that doesn’t happen every day, tho’ it probably should. He’s a Guardian type. He takes care of things… he puts up with alot. and today I look past what isn’t and look at what is and say”Wow, I am so thankful”.

… Yes, I am so “old lady” about this. Gone are the days I could get so engrossed in things that I forgot to eat. I like to eat the good stuff I buy at the store. I am happy that I was able to go out on an actual….gasp…date with my husband this last week and I had lobster-stuffed ravioli @ Macaroni Grill and I felt so satisfied. Food, yum, good, thanks! thank you, God, for daily bread, and all the other things you provide with that bread ( in the case of Macaroni Grill, fresh baked …dipped in spiced olive oil).

See. There are good things, there are positives and happy things, just have to remember and be grateful once in awhile.

Now I’ll go see if Sam’s got one up at her cabin.