Thankfulness- catching on

Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing the Hard Way. has her own “Thankful Thursday” post, encouraged by her friend. Sam, of Uncle Sam’s Cabin usually posts her slice of life blessings. She inspires me.

Here is mine for today:

I am glad I blog, it vents untold pent-up need to express myself.

I am thankful for my country and its freedoms, and as much as I hate to see war on the planet, I am glad that we are enjoying peace here in this land because there are brave people who stand up for the right to have that peace…. even at risk of bloodshed.

I am glad for the American President who has a care for the people he swore an oath to lead. Even when making mistakes, it is obvious that he cares about the people his leadership affects, and not only in this nation.

I am thankful for enough to eat. For the prosperity I enjoy, even though it fluctuates and I am tempted to mistake that for loss. Life has ups and downs, but I enjoy contentment.

I am thankful for flowers of summer, for lush grasses and shadowing trees. I am thankful for the exquisite beauty of dragonfly wings, of butterflies, and fields alight with fireflies. For the flash of red cardinals and the singing of their compatriots.

I am thankful for the senses to experience and drink in all this wonder.

I am thankful for shelter, and the ability to make it my own.

I am thankful for compassionate hearts and sensitive souls.

I am thankful for the strong, and the courageous.

I am thankful for the introspective and the visionaries.

There is so much that inspires me and feeds my soul.

I am thankful for a faith and a God to rely on, to resort to in times of difficulty and trial.

I am thankful today.

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