The Decline of Atheism?

I noticed that BBC is airing an interview tonight, and I want to read the copy they will have on it (posted after it airs, of course). This view interests me intensely since I have my own theoretical belief coalescing along these lines. Besides his view on the decline of atheism, it is his opinion on the direction that McGrath thinks religion takes that I will want to pay closest attention to.

BBC – Religion & Ethics – Belief

Alister McGrath 28 December 21.05-21.35

Alister McGrath holds a personal chair in Historical Theology at Oxford University, but his writing covers a much broader spectrum, much of it springing from his early career in the sciences. In a recent book he charted what he describes as the rise and fall of atheism, contending that it belongs to a past era from which we are now emerging in which religious faith will regain significance.

UPDATE: It is posted, I have read it through once and I am very excited about the things posed to the reader/listener. I intend to do some further posting on this.