The easy life | the Daily Mail

The easy life | the Daily Mail
I don’t remember feeling deprived, but I vowed I’d never try to cram so much into my life. My mother’s generation may have thought they “had it all”, but it looked too much like hard work to me and they had no time for themselves.

If all feminism afforded my generation was the prospect of working ourselves to the bone and being expected to be mothers at the same time — well, Women’s Lib was a waste of time.

I intend to be at home with my children when they are young — I couldn’t bear to be juggling a career too. Admittedly, my generation is much more spoilt than my mother’s. The result of having two parents working was that we had fabulous holidays, to the Maldives and Seychelles, and we were bought beautiful clothes and toys. But my mother may have missed out on time at home with her family.

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