The Endtimes, Satans Last Stand

Lets talk a little about the devil. The culture in America is split largely between a modern scientific viewpoint that there is no such thing and a caricature of a much maligned representation of the taboos of society (think the devil of ‘Reaper’, here). A minority adheres to some sort of reality of an entity, whether that is defined from a Christian theology or an anti-Christian one (certain forms of Satanism). Some Satanism is an Ayn Rand sort of self-actualization which is closer to ideas of materialists.

Even Fundamentalists talk less about the devil and doctrines concerning him than they used to, so the conversation seems to derive mainly from the cartooned cultural jokes at this point. This paints an idea of the devil as an abstraction, more of a concept of evil than an embodiment of it. That is the way Western sensibilities feel most comfortable. The Bible, however, states the devil in terms of a person with both power and an agenda, one whose position is in opposition to both the good of mankind and God. Further the bible represents the timeline of history as having a beginning and an end point, with demonic activity in the realm of the earth accelerating and multiplying in the times approaching the end.

The culmination being a climactic Apocalypse. The final act being the victorious return of Christ and the meting out of judgment.

But in this endtime perspective, how do our activities and our conversations stack up? Some of what we do is silly, some is ignorant, some unknowingly aiding and abetting evil, and some willfully so. There must be, and is, some which properly perceives the times and wisely takes all pains to oppose evil and institute the necessary response.

It isn’t always clear which players are on which side, many accusations and contentions being made. Not just during elections, either. Generally, it is going on everyday in some sort of manner.

I’m a little concerned right now about the lack of a Christian response, a generally disorganized confusion among the troops, if one is to view the spiritual question in terms of being at war. If there is a real devil, as those with a literal view of the Bible would contend, how much of our daily life takes that into account? As much as Jesus did?

What’s actually lurking behind that wickedly funny mask of the modern devil?

Maybe it is our pride.