The Fallout From The Unfortunate Failure of A Christian

Further, on the topic of Pat Robertson’s widely broadcast comment, is the fallout that perhaps causes more damage than anything the original in context may have. Christians speak not only for themselves, or for their own causes, Christians are speaking for Christ Jesus. That is why they are labeled with His name, they are united in cause with Him. And He with us.

Blitzer’s not-so-full disclosure on guest’s tie … [Media Matters]
From a CNN disussion:

GREG MUELLER: “Well, no. I think Pat Robertson made the comment as a political commentator, commenting on what Chavez, who has had a lot of ill words — as James has said, a lot of ill words for the United States. We’ve got to remember, he’s a friend of Fidel Castro. He’s a committed communist. He’s also harboring potential terrorists, at least reaching out and inviting them into his country. He’s a very dangerous man. But Wolf, I think this gets to the broader strategic discussion over what lines of attack. Nobody is going to subscribe — Democrat or Republican are not going to subscribe to that.”

If a man is truly that much of a problem, it seems even more important to deal carefully, and to not ill-advisedly ignite the fires of controversy. People make fun of the WWJD idea, but this is one case it might have served as a good preventative. Jesus spoke to the sin of a matter, but reserved all judgments for their proper time and venue.

Now, after Pat Robertsons untoward remarks, tantamount to ‘jihad’, and further covering for himself with the denials and too-little- too-late apology, there is a lot of cause given to enemies of the name of Christ, and to the good, for celebration. That is a shame.

MUELLER: Well, my reaction was that was a little bit off-the-cuff, a little bit flippant, and a little bit silly.

No, Mr. Mueller, it was more than that, much more than that… and if the leadership in Christian political activism don’t see this we are in more trouble than anyone knew.

If after having time to think about it, Mueller and others realized the gravity of the remarks and their fallout, then they need to now do more than damage control, they need to rethink whole attitudes and position.

At least, if they are coming from a Christian position. As Christians, our ability to impact others goes far beyond what we see because of the spiritual role we play. We are part of a Kingdom with many matters at stake, and there is a cumulative effect to our words and actions. We can’t see the full import of this at all times, but we can mindfully be careful in what we say and do. This is why St. Paul so often underlined such admonitions. We should do the same with each other… gentle reminders on a consistant basis. So we don’t have to face the results of something that demands rebukes, and public corrections.