The Message to Jews Everywhere

I look at this present war in the Middle East, and I wonder… is the message a question to the Jews everywhere?

How important is Israel to you?

I feel this is the question, this is the message.

2 thoughts on “The Message to Jews Everywhere”

  1. hi…..

    Seems religious Jews still defend Israel, but a disturbing trend on the left is that more and more secular Jewish folks are not only taking the savages side, but question Israel’s right to exist at all (ie Cohen).

    Olmert I don’t trust as far as I can throw him. After the disgrace of the expulsion in Amora, and calling Orthodox Jews worse than HAMAS, he’ll have to really clean up his act to gain trust again.

    He was quite right to go after the savages, but hopefully he’ll have the fortitude to finish the job….a couple of hundred Jericho II strikes on Tehran would be a nice start…..Secure Southern Lebanon and empower the Lebanese Army to keep order and ensure the savages never come back. Secure the Arab areas bordering Jordan, and set up structures to ensure that money designated for these people go to them and not into the pockets of HAMAS and corrupt Israeli politicians, perviously Sharon among them.

    Only then would we see real peace.


  2. Real peace seems a long way off. Survival seems to be the only target in the sights.
    My prayers are with Israel, their success would be good for the whole region eventually. It is the meantime that is so heartbreaking, even when you know the factors playing into things, it is still heartbreaking to see what is happening to the people in the countries involved.

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