The Venue of Restoring the Soul

have you ever noticed how many people will choose a place surrounded by nature to seek restoration of their minds and creative inspirations? forests, ocean sides, beaches, mountains, gardens, meadows, under a tree, by a lake…. so often it is the reassurance of the natural world that speaks to us, That has been God’s chosen place oftentimes, “He leadeth me beside the still waters”, the garden of Gethsemane, in the wilderness, upon the mount. So often it is far from the artful hand of man and his crafted cities and asphalt streetways. There is nothing to feed a heart in concrete surroundings.

A city or people nurturing environ should have green places, treed areas, and gardens to stroll and sit within. If we cared for the soul as much as the bottom line we would make sure there were these in plenty for reminders of what is beautiful and the awe that comes from gazing on something that could come only from the hand of God.