Thinklings » Blog Archive » It Was All Good When God Didn’t Know The Future

I considered saying something about that pastor catching all the heat up there in Minnesota, but it’s complicated and I let it go by. Now though, Alan of Thinklings, (that is almost Monty-Pythonesque) gives one of the most cogent opinions that covers the important aspects well.

A few quotes to whet your interest:

Thinklings » Blog Archive » It Was All Good When God Didn’t Know The Future

Things like this kind of drive me nuts. For one thing, it puts me in the uncomfortable position of almost agreeing with a heretic like Greg Boyd. For another, this article just makes me want to scream at the church members: So you left when he wouldn’t endorse your politics, but you were totally fine with it when he told you God didn’t know the future? Excuse me?

That said, I do think the church in America is captive to a political agenda.

What’s going on? Why does the church act this way?

For one thing, we are starved for a Christian public space. The public sphere is dominated by politics. That sphere has been steadily secularized. When Christians who appreciate our national heritage, or who serve in the military, wish to express that this appreciation and commitment unto the Lord God, or when a community intends to invoke the blessing of the Lord upon its graduating students, the appropriate channels are cut off. The choice (if there is one) is either to emasculate the passion for God by reducing it to some vague religious sentiment or to shut up.

That energy then finds outlet in the church.

Politics is an idol. Idolatry, at its most basic, is asking some created thing to give us something that God didn’t create it to give. We’ve spent decades now waiting for politics to give us results God didn’t intend. The things we’re after “recovering biblical morality, recovering public space for acknowledgement of the Triune God, and subsequently changing laws to reflect his character’“ are things that God promised us as the results of prayer, repentance, worship, evangelism, and discipleship.