This and That and Everything Else

Joe Carter @the evangelical outpost has written a brilliant little tale that you really must read. This is INTP ( he’s on the INTP blog list that Marla still maintains) at his most piercing and creative. I love it! If you had any doubt how clever this is, just read the fuss and flutter of “The Materialists” in the comments.

In the Beginning was Nothing:
A Creation Story for Young Materialists

In the beginning was Nothing and Nothing created Everything. When Nothing decided to create Everything, she filled a tiny dot with Time, Chance, and Everything and had it explode. The explosion spread Everything into Everywhere carrying Time and Chance with it to keep it company. The three stretched out together leaving bits of themselves wherever they went. One of those places was the planet Earth.

For no particular Reason – for Reason is rarely particular —

You will have to follow the link to get the whole thing.

Other Things====

As Hurricane Rita builds to mammoth size and scariness it just makes you wonder. Will we continue to be lackadaisical in prayer, complacent in our little luxuries of life?

Will we?

The business news is taken up with oil. Or rather the lack of it. The only truly good news in this is that maybe we -as a nation- will get serious about alternative fuels and responsible use of the ones we are presently dependent upon.

No one is hazarding much information on the impact of this ( Katrina, Rita, and Oil prices), although the interest rates were raised… and I heard a word mentioned that has lain dormant for quite awhile: stagflation. Now that ought to create a jolt for those who lived through the last time we had to describe our economic circumstances that way.

The stock market isn’t particularly fun right now.

Flu is in the news. Dog flu scare, resistance to flu vaccines, and the flu that MoM has been reporting on regularly.

I don’t really have advice on this, but it makes sense to think about building up ones health and immune system at any time, but these times of stress? You are a fool if you don’t pay attention, get your sleep, take your vitamins, eat right, be in fellowship with those who mean something to you. Do something good every day. Smile at the sunshine, Cozy up in the storms.

Get healthy and whole.

And of course, I recommend praying.

Something the Bible recommends is listening to good reports. We need this antidote to the downright viciousness of rabid dog infighting in our country.

Be a power for good, encourage hope, broadcast cheer. Because things are getting bad and will get worse I believe…. you can only despair so long before you either collapse or get motivated to change things. Of course, I realize I put up a good bit of bad news here..don’t I? I’m not going to spin it, so maybe I’ll just put more entries in my Happy Thoughts blog and link from here. I tend to be morose and melancholic when there is so much to motivate that sort of mindset!

I’m for changing things, and you have to have a perspective on what you want and what will benefit human beings to change things for the better. After awhile looking into the abyss just doesn’t cut it. As interesting as that can be….