This One + That One

If I take the last two posts and put them together for synthesis…. where does this leave me? Where do our foibles and irritations fit in view of the Holiness of God? This is a huge question for Christians.

I don’t know how many people would react to the restitution of consequences with “serves you right” – but I know htere are lots of us out there in the big wide world. The world is divided among us with justice people who want to smash all the injustice and all the failures out of existance. They are the “bomb them all” group. C’mon, this type of hardball is unmerciful… and worse for all involved blind to their own human weakness… even if only in certain blindspots. Then there are the “oh they can’t help it, and we’re all just human” mercy-givers. Only they don’t realize their form of mercy is the most punishing of all penalties: we have no relief from all the big bads of the world and the victims will just have to take everything on the chin. Only works for privileged ivory tower inhabitants- and only as long as they don’t hve to come into contact with any of that filthy mass of the great unwashed out there. Wouldn’t want to pop that elitest bubble.

But neither of those fares well when the face of God’s Holiness manifests. The best of us recoil from the terrible brightness of that.

And yet, that is our only hope for the rescue of mankind, for the wholeness that we need, for true justice and relieving mercy.

We are not perfect… but such perfection demands it of us doesn’t it? This cannot be our own form of holiness… we are not in competition with God.

Our own holiness is defined by Him in the relationship of loving interaction.

So maybe I just need to stay away from the library.