Through Fire and Water – Fires burn along river; thousands wait to leave – Sep 3, 2005

Fires burn along river; thousands wait to leave
…Firefighters told CNN the mall fire started “under suspicious circumstances.”…

This is a line of investigation that will surely be pursued in the future. There was also rumor of an explosion prior to the breeching of the levee, but all that could be coincidental with the oil and gas, the downed and compromised systems, and all. Perhaps we won’t get answers on the source of some of the lawlessness, or the particular perpetrators.

Anybody else out there getting weary of the bad reports? I think Captain’s Quarters called for a moratorium on political backbiting concerning rescue efforts and blame, and small victory is busy compiling the good news.

Me? I’m slowing down a bit, I couldn’t tear myself away for the last couple days, and like Ernie the Attorney I need time to process. The whole matter is a marathon event in terms of paying attention, learning the lessons, and giving a hand. We are going to need waves of help over the year… or more.