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As I was following links on LaShawn‘s page: of the poor and anonymous::By Suzanne Fields

what sociologist Brigitte Berger calls the “family’s great educational mission.” Education is the daily drip, drip, drip of details that engender in young children the aspirations and the tools to make a better life for themselves in their pursuit of happiness.

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Welfare reform did much to remove financial incentives for poor women to continue having illegitimate children, but illegitimacy remains a big problem for poor blacks, and the caste systems widens for children who grow up without fathers. Poor single mothers generally lack marketable skills that will carry them into a higher financial bracket, and their children are at a major educational disadvantage when competing with children of middle-class families.

In one of her posts this week, LaShawn hammers relentlessly on some of the same social myths.
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The Black Social Experiment

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Via Crossing the Rubicon:

From the writings of rabbi and historian, Ken Spiro:

In the 17th century when Blaise Pascal, the great French enlightenment philosopher, was asked by Louis XIV for proof of the supernatural, he answered, “The Jewish people, your Majesty.” Why? Because he knew Jewish history and he realized that for the Jewish people to survive to the 17th century, violated all the laws of history. Can you imagine what he’d say seeing the Jews made it to the 20th century?! Jewish history is a supernatural phenomenon.

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