Updates on Updates

Word Press

I’m slow, I know. I said I would update to wp 2.6 a week or two ago or more… I don’t remember. Today, I decided I had procrastinated long enough and dived in. First I updated the blog I experiment on- I don’t write anything there because the Lord knows… and everyone knows… that I blog more than I can keep up with now. Everything went smoothly. So then I over confidently started in on the important one: the one with my garden site. Notice how I use the word over confident- yes, I had a little trouble. At firs tit was of my own making: I forgot to de-activate the plugins… but I managed past that with just some extra time and irritation. And that was when I discovered the real problem.

Under certain circumstances ( mine) the 2.6 upgrade will lose the categories. I am really glad I found that out before trying anything on Truegrit- which has scads of categories. Because the fix that I used required filling in things manually after playing with the phpadmin- which I don’t believe I have access to here. If you have faithfully upgraded Word Press incrementally- you should be safe. But if you are here because you lost your categories… as I ended up on pages where they bemoaned losing theirs, you probably did something like jumped from 2.2 to 2.6. Some things changed in between and it will cause you to have disappearing categories. The fix for me was David Cumps precise directions to restore missing categories. If you didn’t do a database backup-forget it; but otherwise you can get them and put them back where they belong 🙂

Truegrit has so many posts it is scary to think of upgrading- plus I’m not sure about it since it is a subdomain, but I think it is my responsibility to upgrade if I want newer versions.


I switched to the “new” facebook, but haven’t had much time to do anything on there. I’ve been doing all this other stuff on the computer and trying to keep up with real life… before RL really kicks in with the beginning of school and the need to do fall house and yard cleaning. I had some interesting things to say about facebook but too tired -so til next time!