Wall Street’s Wild and Crazy Ride

I am one of the something like 25% of women who handle the investment part of our family finances. I inherited a few from my dad and decided to learn about it, since we needed some retirement plan. (speaking of plans, I guess). Stocks are not for the faint of heart these days, but then the economic outlook is quite opaque and makes that true for most of everyman‘s attempt to eke out a good financial plan.

Today’s big news seems to be Microsoft’s overture to Yahoo. Yahoo had taken a huge hit on its stock value lately, but today? Jumped 50% or so. Wow. Up Down Up Down … now what?

Not everything is tied to Subprime. Although plenty of the economic moves are. I was very happy to hear of Bush’s tax relief infusion, and it was interesting how on that day the immediate response in the financial news was that that money would be better spent bailing the banks. My reaction was… why? Weren’t those the guys that made the original decision as to what got us into the credit/mortgage/subprime mess to begin with? The Bankers and their friends? I am just a pleb, but that is how I saw that suggestion. It always irks me that the “experts” and “professionals” think they can do so much more with my money than I can.

I have to say that being invested in the stock market, while so far so good… is still a roller coaster of risk. Which reminds me. I listened to the “State of the Nation” speech and the Democratic response by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, afterwards. I thought Bush did well to direct the nation’s attention to the matters of where our broad choices are. I thought Sebelius’ speech was weak, and simply reiterated the problems of health care, etc. Hey, I am one of those ppl! and yet, I don’t believe the Dem’s have any good answers for the problems. I have no taste for going any further into an analysis… I am still unengaged in the presidential race and the politics du jour.

Too busy being one of those bootstrap people trying to create some sort of retirement and take responsibility for my own health through alternative and preventive means, and economizing as best I can while trying to live as fully as I can.

I will tell what I am doing, though. This year, I am focusing on praying for wisdom. I need it.

I think we all need it.