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Jollyblogger has a round up on feminization of culture and church, as well as his own thoughts on the matter. Lots of things to get you thinking

Then there is the story of a religious mother gone wrong and how it affected society @ Say What Now? I wondered when I read it if there is connection between religion and feminization and fanaticism that somehow makes a witches brew mix?

But for more on the right way to do things, and freedom that is found in the Grace of Christ Jesus…. read further:

free grace network had this:
Come and See Evangelism, Part 1

The way that John framed Jesus’ method of personal evangelism gives us a simple method that avoids the errors common in current evangelistic methods.

“Come and see” evangelism avoids the proof text error by presenting the biblical witness in full context. It avoids the wrong response error by asking the question Jesus asked: “Do you believe this?” And it avoids making the wrong offer because the offer is made by the biblical text itself.

That is one of the distinctives of Christianity- that we have a message of “come and see”. We have a Living Savior that you don’t just learn about or try to worship from afar, but that you can meet with and know and be known by. Free Grace’s Dr. L. E. Brown has given a look into this with depth.
I think it would revise the way we evangelize if we did it the classical gospel way. Come and see!

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