What I Did Yesterday

Sunday was not a particularly good day for me. It started out all right…. I was on time -well, close to on time- to Church, and hey- I went. I looked all right, so no worries about that, but in pulling into my parking place I decided to park with all the other cars, instead of off to myself on the lot- which with my large vehicle is what I usually do. I pulled in..all was well, but then I opened my door when a sudden gust whacked my door into the neighboring car. A brand new, nice, white, and shiny car…. that now had a car dent near the gas cover.

You know why I’m telling this- because I did the right thing, but it was very hard to do the right thing. I was trying to be careful with money, I am always careful about opening my car doors so as not to do damage. I’m not thoughtless… but the accidental gust and slightly awry angle of parking added together. I felt badly on several counts, and not the least because I really did not want to face the receiver of my unintentional damage.

Besides…when I went to straighten out so I wouldn’t be likely to have a second accident of that nature ( you never know) someone honked really loudly and comes over to tell me to move up. Now that I review the circumstance- I can’t figure out why. They didn’t park directly in back of me. I was moving very slowly ( You can imagine- now I’m doubly cautious). Moving not into a lane but the space in back- just to straighten out a little. Is there something so wrong with that? Then rather sour countenances from the whole group…. hey I’m sorry I’m alive, ok?

I walked into the service thinking…” I just bet that it’s Communion Sunday”. I was right. So in going forward and feeling sort of crushed like “why do these things happen to me?” I sought inner strength to face … unknown reaction. If it were me, I would be very upset that my bright shiny new car ( which I haven’t had the priviledge to experience much) were suddenly damaged. Even if not big damage- you known how that first dent in your new car hurts. Facing the temporal reality of the vanity of life and all….

So after church I hurry out to the vestibule and wait- the weather cool and windy with rain showers. Eventually, sure enough, the owners arrive at their car… oh great. A very young couple with a very new baby. Oh great. Now I feel even worse, remembering how much of a struggle my finances were at that stage. Maybe theirs is different, I don’t know, but I feel my own pain- that’s how I relate.

They were gracious, but I know that puts people on the spot, so I gave my name and number and ask them to discuss it at home and get back to me on how to take care of it. I probably would not have been so equanimous if the roles had been reversed.

I could’ve hoped that no one noticed. I was tempted to hope for that, I’ll be honest, but in the long run, who are we accountable to and for what? If everyone shirks and hides from the losses they make others incur, eventually it hurts us all. And that is just in the short term. I bet the losses in the eternal are huge. Who do we offend because we want to save a few bucks or escape some disapproval? Are we adding to the inequity or the equity of ourselves and our neighbors?

Well. I’m sorry, and I will make it right, and I’ve accomodated myself to the fact that I messed up and it will cost me. Still, it makes you wonder why you got up that morning.

…that was my Sunday….

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  1. {{{hugs back}}}

    Sometimes I feel like such a screw-up…. not that this shames me into silence, but…there it is.

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