What Now?

If I have time I want to look at a couple things, but this is just salting the oats for you. One is the discussion on Sullivans “When Not Seeing Is Believing” piece in Time, and Melinda’s post on it over @ Intellectuelle. Some very large issues are covered, not the least of which is the take many in this modern/postmeodern culture has on religion generally, and the definitions of “fundamentalism” and whether the Christian Right is equal to Islamic Fascism,specifically. Big Stuff, there.

Even if I don’t manage to remark on it, it is worth reading and thinking about. If for no other reason than this is going to be a topic to heat up in a major way once we are into the presidential campaign year. right now, they are just lighting little fires here and there, but there are people building the stakes high for widespread conflagration on the matter.

Yes, that is what I see. Discuss among yourselves for now- i’m interested if any of you in the ‘great out there’ have thoughts on it.