When Get Up Goes

I want to do a little fisking… and a bit of ranting, but I find that, while not weak kneed, I am just plain tired of some of the debate. I find my anger replaced with sadness, and while that isn’t entirely bad, in the world of words it needs to further transition.

Because while tears or a downcast countenance speaks volumes about your individual condition, it sheds little light on the world around you.

And isn’t that one of the most important roles for a Christian? That little candle in the darkness, that light upon the hill?


But what happens when we deflate, and why do we deflate? As if the breath were just plain knocked out of us? Personally, I think it means we’ve spent a little too much time in the press of the world, and less time than was needed breathing the invigorating rare air of the Spirit.

I never thought of this quite this way, but you know that proverb about how iron sharpens iron and so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend? You observe this all the time, in fellowships, conferences, etc. Even just one of those heart to hearts with a friend …you walk away refreshed, renewed, with perspectives and a reinforced feeling. I think it is the same principle with spending time in the presence of God’s Spirit. I wouldn’t restrict that to prayer time, only, but prayer is sort of the high octane infusion you need of that ‘dunamis’.

God is the life force, after all. We (Christians) just don’t think of Him in those terms, but isn’t that exactly what Jesus was teaching when he said

I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.

Anyway…there are some things I could say, I’m just not sure how to say them. I really don’t want to write down the irritation and snipyness I feel. That is counterpoint to the goal. The goal of sharpening iron and, excuse the crudeness: not banging it all to hell. Because that is just what we do at times. We take out these huge iron mongers mallets when perhaps just some finishing tongs and hammer would do….

There are two topics that are rolling around for comment: one is the in-house Christian debate on what it is called presently “cessationism”. Even the euphemism used now irritates me no end…partly because it is so easily linked with all that is so wrong in Christians gutting themselves when not actually shooting each other in the back ( see? I told you how I was about this right now).

The other topic out there in the public forum revolves around the point of mistaking America for Christendom.

Now that one you have to be a bit careful with when dissecting and commentig upon, just because there is so much self-righteous hype connected with it.

This is a sort of prologue- or not. It could just function as a personal rant to let off a little steam. Or maybe I am adding fuel to my own fire…ready to turn up the blast furnace a notch?

How about if I breathe a little rarified air first? Perhaps then I can get back to you with the inner fortitude I need…. with a bit of the self-control that is best for such discussions.

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