Why I like a Lexicon

Brian asked about the meaning of “rhema”. More precisely he asked if I hadn’t committed a redundancy. I did, but most people -in the sense I was writing- would need to see using the Greek term as a modifier for our English term “word”, as lots of us aren’t familiar with the term. Layering on the nuance of the Greek gives the idea clarity and depth. If I said I wanted a Word from the Lord for the year, it would have meant the same thing for me, maybe…. but it wouldn’t have carried that whole meaning of something that keeps speaking to me, like a goal or a motto. Something that sparks my attention every time I think on it. That is how I meant getting a “Rhema” word. It isn’t a formal, studied use of the word.

The reason Greek is such a marvelous vehicle for scripture is its precision and nuance. I’m speaking from a students view, not a scholars view. I get so much out of studies exploring the meanings of a word or expression.

The teaching on “Rhema” was one of those. A rhema word to us is a living word in the sense of it “pouring forth” or in the act of utterance. It is related to the thought of “flowing”. When we say something “comes alive” for us, it is like this situation of water that flows, rather than contained. The sense is its action and force. Words that have a living action in our life in this moment, rather than in a repository somewhere else.

Wikipedia has an entry on it, along with the different understandings, I meant it in the way described under Pentecostal definition.

Sometimes using study helps like the Lexicon settle disputes or clear up misunderstandings, but I like them best for the richness they provide for personal understanding. I like to study the meaning of Biblical name places and personal names… of comparison words and scriptures. Sometimes it nets me a nugget, and sometimes it comes up empty for me… I seem at the end of a goose trail in my thinking, but it is always a pleasurable exercise of the mind.

So long story short: yes, rhema means word and logos means word, but within them are some zoe 🙂 It is the zoe I am looking for in all this. I don’t have a 2007 one, yet.

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  1. Thanks for the links. I guess I would agree more with the “Evangelical” definition given in the Wikipedia article.

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