Why Indeed?

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Why are more men using prostitutes?

“People are more overloaded with work and feel they don’t have time to form relationships but still want to have sex. Money isn’t the object but the desire to form a relationship with someone is not there. And the internet has made it more available.”

But does it really matter if more men are seeing prostitutes?

“I think it’s healthy for sexual expression but I don’t think it’s healthy to exploit people for sex or to have sexual practices that are harmful to another person,” says Dr Perman-Kerr.

“But I would like to see the possibility of people expressing themselves without resorting to paid sex. That’s the revolution that needs to happen.”

I think it is symptomatic of the increased loneliness men feel in our society. That, and the degradation of expectations in intimate relationships. People are willing to settle for the impersonal because they don’t believe there is really anything more. They hope for it lots of times, but don’t expect to really find it.

There is probably quite a bit to mine from this piece of cultural information….

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