A Girl Just Wants To Have Fun

That could be a title to a really preachy post, but I hate to disappoint… I have other things in mind. I’ll preach to you another time. I have been playing with programs and new things…. I went to Best Buy with my youngest son ( he was so happy -he got to spend his birthday gift cards on music CD’s. He bought Lifehouse, Switchfoot, and WOW 2007) He’s my baby- and he’s buying CD’s! Time is just passing by…..

Anyway, I bought a mic/headphone thingy to do podcasts. Yep! I need a script though… I don’t like my voice, either. I sound like a little girl, or too enunciated or something… and I stumble in my words. Just too self-conscious with a microphone. But I’m going to see what I can do. As soon as I find the html for it- I’ll post the little snippets here. Eventually would like to get an entire real podcast going. I’m dial-up which is interminably slow and don’t listen to them so much myself. I get impatient with the loadtime, but lots of you are equipped with DSL and stuff. I was looking at some things that I could maybe hook into my laptop. Woo! I’ll be a real techy then;) Right now, I only know enough to be dangerous and none too efficient.

I’ve heard some really good teaching of late- been to some special meetings, and this last week heard a missionary from Brazil. He was really good…afterwards some of my homegroup friends ( they are so dear! a really wonderful group of people) wondered if he was too blunt for some… although they loved him. He and his fam will be at this weeks homegroup. He spoke about the fact that Jesus, in His earthly ministry, mostly dealt with the issue of “the religious”. That is true. There were all sorts of issues of oppression ( Imperial Rome, ppl!) and evils, but much of the Lord’s teaching and dealings were with severing the wrong thinking of religiosity. That we need to look within ourselves to see if we are behaving in that way. It furthered some of my thinking on that controversial thing I said over @ Intellectuelle about how traditional proponents are in danger of being more like Islamists they may like to think if they aren’t careful. Wow, did that ruffle some feathers. But think of it. Pharisees are Pharisees no matter how they stripe their pants. Jewish, or Muslims, or gasp Christians who for religious reasons become fanatically legalistic and try to quell the voice of freedom and liberty, which is exactly what the voice of the Spirit of the Lord is…. it is freedom because it speaks the truth.

Of course I know I am speaking into a whole nest of connotations. That is the problem here… I will have to lay line upon line, the way the Lord teaches us…to build up the case, not for the purpose of argument, but because we really need to understand this, in order to move forward as the body of Christ. Why was the Lord so adamant in warning us of the leaven of these typal groups?

Anyway…after you hear bumbling me on the mp3 …well, I don’t know what you would think. I’m using music too, though , so it isn’t a total waste of your time. Oh. I meant to tell you what I’m using. Downloaded the free Audacity program to get started with, and bought a Logitech 350 headset with usb, it just connects right to the front of my hardrive. I had to additionally download something called lame_enc.dll in order to get Audacity to save the files as mp3. I can record with a music file, but I’m having problems understanding what is happening when it is just my voice- it seems to race – really I don’t understand it to even describe the problem. I have a download of a trail softwrae, but I would have to pay for it if I liked it…. and I’m not sure I’m there yet with podcasts. I am a crazy woman for starting all these new things during Christmas season. It’s like I suddenly have a hundred irons in the fire.