Getting our act together

While on the quest of producing a reasonable facsimile of a podcast. I spent a bit of time on a forum. I don’t really have time for forums anymore, so I am now very haphazard in participation. But it is probably the best way to get a bead on what is happening with the general direction that groups of people, as the forum collates them, are going in their thinking.

I was @Pillar’s site, and as you know the forums always pretty much have a life of their own and don’t always reflect the opinions or representations of the site they are functioning on. But I’ve been to other forums …totally unrelated to each other, and the occult is a topic that not only keeps coming up, but is very misunderstood by Christians. Especially young Christians. I think what worries me is not that the topic is always a hot one ( little joke there…) but the fact that there isn’t much of a solid counterbalance of the power of Christ in the earth.

It seems the line is very blurred between the miracle working power that Jesus displayed and the “practice of magic”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen them equated.

There is a breakdown of communication of the gospel… and even though I really like shows such as “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” I have seen more and more of the views of what constitutes spiritual evil and how it is dealt with confused by a generation that hears plenty from TV shows and almost nothing from Church.

That doesn’t resemble what I read in the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Jesus didn’t reach into his bag of tricks to deal with the demonic. He sure didn’t practice astral projection…. But there are alot of people out there playing with fire and having no idea of what they are getting into or what the Bible has to say. That is the worst thing: where is the Christian voice?