Abortion Up Close And Personal

Southern Appeal

And who is for abortion? As you have probably already heard, Judge Alito’s mother is quoted as saying: “Of course, he’s against abortion,”
…So I say everytime an anti-constitutionalist points to Mother Alito’s statement, that we respond: “Well, if you are upset that he is against abortion, does that mean you are for abortion?”

Interesting take, there.

How about it? When you say you are for the “pro-choice” of abortion on demand as it is practiced now… does that mean you wouldn’t mind if your daughter decided to abort her baby? Your wife aborted yours?

Or if you think that prostitution is a no-victim profession and should be legalized…does that mean you would encourage your sister, daughter, or friend to make that career choice?

Why or why not?

Would you like for your own families to make these choices or is it more painless to see it far removed from your own sphere? Then judge it in an abstraction of “someone else”?

And if you have had the experience of these choices being made in the affirmative within your sphere… was it something that you could in all good conscience label “good”? Is abortion by demand ever for the good? Or do you feel it is just one of those things that are excusable just because it is somehow removed into someone elses reality?

When all the excuses and the rationalizations are added together is it ever enough to take away a life? Or ruin one?

Is a life ever worth less than another life? Is it worth less than a car? Or a college education? Or reputation? … is a life, in exchange, ever truly excusable in those terms?

And if not, why continue to support abortion on demand, knowing that many of the decisions to abort are not life threatening, but inconveniencing?

Is it still ok with you? If it were someone in your home realm?

How often are we doubleminded in our morality? How often do we shirk taking responsibility for our society and what it does to lives… because it is more comfortable to shrug our shoulders