What Are You Known For? Christian Blogging

I’m having a hard time tracking it down, but apparently there is an article headlined, “What Would Jesus Blog?” That got me thinking. My initial reaction was, Jesus wouldn’t be doing that, but Saint Luke certainly would. It would all depend upon the calling.

In searching for the article I came across a blog with that name and numerous blog postings… given the ubiquity of the “WWJD?” along with the numerous parodies spun off, that was inevitable, but the question remains a relevant one, and in fact, can be extrapolated into myriad culture issue questions for Christians. What about political action? What about cultural commentary? Christians are involved in all – and receive criticism in all. Which requires self-examination in all. And why not? Christians have a target in mind… in more meanings than one.

So. Back to the title question: what are we known for? The question came to me as I surveyed the highlights of Christian generated articles and blogposts, in light of my years of experience in the Church, sitting under sermons, in seminars, and topical interests under the general appelation of “revivals”; and I realized something.

Much, much is filed under cultural protest. We just have whole lots of it labeled in various ways: sin, issues, morality, ethics, freedoms, …. really all sorts of labels, but with one central interest: bemoaning or berating.

I’m not censuring that, necessarily. Because bemoaning could well be repentance, and berating termed rebuke. Both are a part of keeping things clean and in order, and of use. But you can use the scrub brush a bit too vigorously or ruin the good qualities of something with unlearned enthusiasm …as well I know, when my daughter took a harsh cleanser and scrubber to my grandmothers silver plate, once. Oh, ouch…anyone been there? Without the accepted understanding I suppose it seemed much quicker to apply what worked so well on stainless steel to silverplate, rather than the time consuming and seemingly inefficient silver polish and soft cloth. Or just asking.

And some stuff of the culture, for us, should just get tossed and not run through the ringer and repeatedly hung out to dry.

But I have to wonder why we Christians are more known for our protests to Harry Potter ( which I personally eschew) rather than for our compassion upon the ruined and lost? Why our voices are more known for catechising than for comforting?

It ought not be one or the other, but balanced… a reflection of the Lord’s communication. Timing is everything in this, because there is a time to rend and a time to repair, but in the whole we should have a balance. In the self-examination, how heavily weighted is the one against the other?

In criticism against our Democrat arm of the political parties, it is often said that they have only their protests left, and nothing that they actually promote. Can that be said of us, as a Christian group, as well? Or how we are utilized by the worldly interests? Are we only useful as bulldogs in the fight, cast aside once the takings are gathered in? Thinking we are promoting good in our society only to find we were well contained in the pit of steep walled confines? And going nowhere with our agenda of furthering the interests of God and His Christ upon the earth? Merely useful idiots?

Ought we bow out of politics? No, I do not believe so, but that we become more circumspect and wise in what we lend ourselves to…yes.

Stand apart and aside at times.

What would Saint Luke be blogging now? Or Prophet Jeremiah? Or Psalmist King David? What would Saint Paul blog? Or what would you find on “Lessons From Martha and Mary” ? Where would Aquila’s eagle eye pinpoint his gaze for commentary?

I think it would look like the best of blogging from Christians, who stay the course and consider the mark. Perhaps we should look narrowly on our blogging and tighten it up a bit if our purpose at all includes influence or persuasion.

There is so much more to look at in this subject. I simply raised a few points.

4 thoughts on “What Are You Known For? Christian Blogging”

  1. Great post.

    I have often been amazed at the hate that pours out of some ‘Christian’ blogs as they violently oppose so much of what is going on in the world.

    We know that the world is broken and sick but surely we should be the ones to bring healing, not to continually investigate and narrate the symptoms.

  2. Wow. A great post. I agree – it seems like the WWJD mentality actually causes some believers to act in a very legalistic manner, because they’re quite sure Jesus would do whatever it is they are arguing for/against. Hope you don’t mind if I link – I wrote a post about Christians disagreeing awhile back and got quite a few comments.

  3. Rodney, it does seem to seesaw to the negative and squinty-eyed. I notice that I have to constantly almost jerk myself into a more positive and caring posture. But to rant and rave to the extent events and circumstances seem to call for wears me out. I think the operative function is what call am I listening to?

    Jan, my blog lives for links;) -really, all kinds, pro and con.

  4. Hi; thanks for the link (whatwouldjesusblog.com is my site).

    I agree with what you wrote, heartily; the reason I chose that name for the blog is exactly the mixed reaction that the WWJD-meme brings. I wanted the title to make people think.

    I say something like that on the ‘about’ page; would Jesus blog? I don’t know; but I bet Paul would… Anyways, I hope it winds up being something worth reading; thanks for the link and I enjoyed your thoughtful post on the topic.

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