Amy Ridenour’s report on the fresh breeze from fresh food

From Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog,
“Whole Foods Founder: Freedom Movement Needs to “Re-Brand” Itself” is really a must-read post. Well-spoken words from the founder of Whole Foods stores, John Mackey, on the Left, capitalism, good business, and freedom.

What the Left has done is create a world of victims and a cult of victimology. Then the Left accuses everyone who disagrees with it of lacking love, caring, and compassion. What a bunch of baloney! The freedom movement must embrace the ideals of love, caring, and compassion, and return these words to their true meanings. Love, caring, and compassion do not equate to guilt, and they do not mean pandering to the demands of the various victims of the world. Spreading freedom through the world is the most loving, caring, and compassionate thing we can do for people. True freedom allows people to create prosperity and gives them the opportunity to move up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs towards self-actualization. True freedom gives us the opportunity to take social responsibility and to work towards making the world a better place.

Once we are free, or relatively free, to live our lives in the manner we choose, we must answer the question, “How then shall we actually live our lives?”

hmmmm, that is starting sound like some other quotable author, Francis Schaeffer.

Food for thought.

One thought on “Amy Ridenour’s report on the fresh breeze from fresh food”

  1. Speaking as someone who knows next to nothign about the history of Whole Foods, I must admit to allowing the stereotype to roost in my head that the founders would have been far left types. Shame on me for forgetting that balanced people care about environmental issues as well as making money!

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