Another Reason (For Reason)

… to emphasize justice and define honor rather than ‘freedom’. Tell me, do we want more Anti-Semitism? do we want to open the gates of hate speech?

I don’t believe that is the direction we want to go as a free society.

Muslims say Western media hypocritical on cartoons – Yahoo! News

What is really insulting, some Muslim clerics and politicians say, is that Europeans do not think twice about denigrating Islam but view ridicule of Judaism as anti-Semitic.

“What about freedom of expression when anti-Semitism is involved? Then it is not freedom of expression. Then it is a crime,” said Arab League chief Amr Moussa.

Let us be careful how we tread. To rightly discern what is at stake and how we want to handle such questions ….. it would appear many fallacies in thinking are at hand. Cool heads and cold logic to bring about a consensus on what we will use our freedoms for and what responsibilities we bear one another.

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  1. Long time no comment. 🙂 The Danish newspaper editor apparently offered to publish the Iranian cartoons.

    I first saw it on BBC but I can’t find it there now so here’s a link from Toronto Sun (it’s an AP story).

  2. ..but you are always welcome when you do 🙂
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    Thanks for the newslink.

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