Inflammatory Remarks

As the world rages on, some in anger, some aghast, and some with supreme disgust and derision, I have to repeat an old conversation I had with Vash. The sum of it is this: we will see increasingly that world conflict centers on religious issues and dispute.

I don’t really see the purpose in pointing out the contrast in attitudes toward Western freedom of speech views and Muslim offense at religious ridicule. That really isn’t the issue…. it seems as though it is, but it isn’t. The issue is the willingness of one side or the other to stick to its essential convictions. The essential view of the West, based in Christian ideology, is not that we can say or write whatever we want; that is simply the licentious abuse of our ideals of freedom. No, the essential conviction of the West is that one -whether as an individual or a nation- deals with dispute through law… and that lawlessness is an affront to God and his Justice.

This is what we should emphasize to a Muslim world, even if we are unconvinced that they would listen. But this ought to be our message: what constitutes justice and what manner of action that takes.

But I think we lost that somewhere in our own apathy. Our own acceptance of the unacceptable- that the deepest held devotion of the heart to God, family, and country are open targets to anyone who wants to drag them through the mire and stench of modern disdain.

It just doesn’t go over as well with Muslims as it does with us.

Does this mean I rationalize the irrational? In no way do I excuse the religion of Islam or its adherents for lawless and unjust actions of riot and murder. But neither will I crow along with the crowd who seems inurred to the issues at stake.

Let us speak of Lex Rex, of honor and justice, of that which is righteous and true. God has given the syllabus, we have only to consult it.