Centuri0n hasn’t gotten back yet on the continualist post. Too busy I suppose.

We are cold here in Ohio, again.

It makes me feel grumbly… but I am probably more put out by all the time logged into deleting spam trackbacks. I’m obsessive about it and that is my own fault, but I hate for all their p0rn leading back here or from here. I hate those spammers….and I don’t repent.

I went shopping the other day…that was a mixed bag. I liked shopping with my daughter, although I seem to have more of a “shop til you drop” mentality than she does. We got some good deals… and I hope that the gifts for her in-laws were acceptable. I shopped for some healthy food. Yay! Ate some of it last night after we returned home. And *FLASH* ate my first serving of Sushi. Yes, indeedy, I’m now initiated.

So there are two first for me since the new year stated: saw an episode of American Idol and ate some Sushi. Still has that Capital letter feeling…

I had California roll with Masuga or something- I sent the remainder back with the Sushi-loving daughter for her husband so I don’t remember the spelling. But I liked it. Whole Foods served up a very fresh product. I’m ready to buy some at Wild Oats where I usually shop- they have very fresh sushi there, as well. Anyway, it was the typical rice and seaweed wrapped around avocado and fish, I think…but what I liked the best was that it was rolled in roe and you put fresh slice of ginger on top with real wasabi. hoo-hoo! That wasabi took my daughter by surprise… but I was ready. Excellent… my sinus may never be the same;) til next time.

Can’t say the same for American Idol. ho-hum.

Now to get motivated around here….

8 thoughts on “Grumble..(mumblemumble)”

  1. I don’t know if I like sushi… and it will remain that way as long as I can make my own decisions.

  2. We like crunchy shrimp rolls – sans wasabi however :-).

    You’re still using Movable Type, right? This is what I used to solve my trackback spam problem :

    Don’t know if you or the admins here want to look into it but it’s a fairly simple plug-in to use.

  3. Folks, I not only had Sushi,but liked it; after deliberating for months:”should I or shouldn’t I? should I or shouldn’t I?” I waited until my duaghter picked one to share with me. Now am ready to cautiously foray into wider variety….

    wasabi is what makes it so..tasty;)

    Brian- you are like my own personal blog-tech:) I don’t think the admns are interested since they’ve mainly switched to WordPress- I think I could still switch the blog, but I have other things that take my blog/computer time. Although the savings in delete time is certainly more efficient. I ‘ll shoot some emails weblogs way i think; see what happens. JD is like the most amenable host ever.

  4. Oh, btw, we’ve been munching on strawberries around here as of late (first harvests in southern California occurring in January). Are there any January harvests in the midwest? ;^)

  5. >:-) Rusty you wouldn’t be prodding about some of those green comments…eh? Sadly, we are back to freezing temps… but with a cold frame this year might have furnished some strawberries- we were as warm as Arizona some of January! Sort of- fifties and sixties!

    But no, we never get fresh strawberries in our gardens before June or so. There’s always freezer jam…

    But the Midwest does have ethanol stations…. that is probably something that CA doesn’t have much of…;)

    um,um…other than that i dunno…do you have groundhogs? I’d make a joke about roadkill, but this is the post about sushi and it might get taken wrong…. Midwest gets plenty of bad press as it is !

  6. mark- oh yessy yes… and isn’t it things like that that make up that TV show,”Fear Factor”?

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