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Bomb squad uses robot to blow up car

The Associated Press
Published October 6, 2005, 8:38 AM CDT

EAST CHICAGO — A bomb squad used a robot to blow up a car loaded with explosives causing a blast felt by residents three blocks away.

The Lake County sheriff said the car was little more than a twisted piece of steel after the Porter County Bomb Squad’s robot shot water under extremely high pressure at it to detonate the explosives Wednesday night. Police also arrested a man who told them the explosives were in the car.

Guest Column – Terrorism Strikes the Heartland – October 7, 2005

If you happened to be browsing the Internet last weekend, the headline, “Suicide bombing in Oklahoma” just might have caught your attention. After all, it’s not every day that there’s a terrorist attack on U.S. soil and supposedly there hasn’t been one since 9/11.

But that’s exactly what happened outside a packed football stadium at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma on Saturday night (10/1).

The American people deserve to know what they’re up against and not doing so will only result in further bloodshed. Becoming complacent is what led to the attacks of 9/11. Can we really afford to go down that road again? The fact is, the country is not at war just with terrorism, but with Islamic terrorism. This may make some American Muslims uncomfortable, but we cannot deny reality simply to assuage their delicacies.

In closing, it may be instructive to listen to the warnings of a law enforcement official quoted by the Northeast Intelligence Network:

“At the end of the day, enough evidence will be collected to prove that this was a terrorist bombing that went wrong and Islamic men with terrorist beliefs were also involved. Whether that fact will ever come out, like ten years ago, [Murrah building blast on 19 April 1995 that killed 171 souls] remains to be seen. If you could have seen the people walking out of the stadium [Saturday night], you would have thought nothing happened at all. No one seems to believe that it will ever happen again, ever happen to them. It almost did. I feel like everyone is living in a fantasyland.”

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