Be Right Back

I’ll be back writing this week, I know you all have missed my missives of brightness and light, but the slate hath been full, the schedule hath runneth over and I haven’t been able to do my usual obsessive level of internet activities.

Did I get a life… ? Well, I actually had one and starting living it on a higher level of expectations. It’s good, but but is it all good That is the question;)

I have been paying attention, though. Major earthquakes, stock market slide. I told my husband( just casual conversation) that I expect that these world disasters, one after another this year will probably mean that man will find out that he isn’t sufficient for salvation. I was praying about things and felt strongly that we will see efforts to raise help, but that they will fall far short. Today I saw a headline along that direction.

There are things to say, but it will have to wait.

I miss my blog meanderings…. I miss vegetating in front of the screen… see you all later in the week.

Blogs are just one of the best ways to stay informed… I really think that. Props to all the great writers out there.

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  1. You get my “you are a sweetie” award today, thanks for your kind comment 🙂

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