Because I’m Bad Obsessed

I’m supposed to rush out of here…but no, I logged in! Because I have to thank the lovely and wonderful people who I seem to have attracted to this blog. This alone amazes me… but there has been developing some wonderful conversations and -something I really didn’t expect- warm relationships.

So before I take off- love to all those wonderful people who interact with me here and those I don’t even know… who take a look and consider things.

I’m grateful for you all- just had to tell you how wonderful you all are.

I’m in danger of spilling over into obsequious… and already running late as usual.

but I just had to say!

3 thoughts on “Because I’m Bad Obsessed”

  1. Would you just get on that plane, already? That grandbaby is growing as we type!

    We’ll be here when you get back and you can gush on us then. 😉

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