Admission: Sometimes I can’t keep up

[Occasionally I write things I don’t publish for some reason or another…. who knows? But I thought since I haven’t posted for most of this month I would toss some of these old things out there… this was originally written 2005-08-08 01:01:51 ]

Last week I opened my email and followed a url to someone who had the kindness to link me. I had heard that it is good to do this, alert someone to the fact that you linked them, but had not seen it action…. or missed it ( more likely). I haven’t been keeping up with email, amongst other things, and seem slow on getting the whole blogging culture thing down.

But that isn’t all I can’t keep up with. I was tired. This is typical status for moms, and I am an old mom, so it is even more typical for me. Anyway, I couldn’t see where I was linked, but I figured I was… I must have followed all the the links but my own (typical of me… sort of like always finding the slow at the grocery store, or making the opposite turn from the one which will actually get to the desired destination). Which is a great way to sightsee, but you kind of lose track of where you were originally going.

Anyway, I landed in the mouth of hell.

Well, that is said for effect, because it wasn’t the real mouth of hell, but it was the home of a Heretick, …. well, not a real heretick but a blog of that name. It was a fun place. Only it was too fast for me. Not actually too fast, but more over my head.

I am slow of wit. Admitted. Full frontal admission: I don’t get fast lane culture. I thought I was in a more liberal type blog, but I went back today, and I am not sure [update: just a little more reading and fairly sure, it is]. I did like the pictures. The Heretick has great aesthetics. Very funny, when I got it, but lots of times I would read something and feel pretty out of it. Because I am out of it. But I got a look at an amazing view of what life looks like from a burning pyre what seems like New York. At least this is how I imagine New York conversation. [Wow, that was one faux pas of a remark- now that I look at it ]

Now I’m wondering….. if I can figure him out, can I convert him? Don’t know, he doesn’t think highly of conversion efforts, but I did find some very interesting talk topics on women and beauty and things like that. Favorite themes of mine that rarely find their way into this blog. In fact, I think anything I wrote on those was swallowed in the vanished upsaid blog.

It was a different point of view. I’m still recovering…kidding. That is the closest you get to humor here. Rather sad…. so no more torturing myself to say more. I appreciated the link and attention from the Heretick, I appreciated seeing things through different eyes when reading his posts, and again I am sort of amazed.

[note to self: stop trying to attempt humor, it’s embarassing]
[note to readers: you can see that I am shameless and will try anyway- it is a matter of wanting to master the impossible]
[general note: this will pop up every once in awhile, not as a style, but as the whimsy that demands a voice…. a voice from the shadow…. and why this will always be a personal blog]
Unless I convince myself to exhile this sort of silly self indulgence to the other blog where it belongs

You know what I would really like to see? The Therapist and the Heretick together, wouldn’t that be wild?

That calls for a joke, just a few old jokes before I go:

Psychiatrist to his nurse: “Just say we’re very busy. Don’t keep saying ‘It’s a madhouse.”

A psychiatrist’s secretary walks into his study and says,
“There’s a gentleman in the waiting room asking to see you. Claims he’s invisible.”
The psychiatrist responds, “Tell him I can’t see him.”

Dr. to patient: “Well, Mr. Mattingly, I’m afraid you’re not quite as sick as we’d hoped.”

In a New York drugstore:
We dispense with accuracy.

In a New York restaurant:
Customers who consider our waitresses uncivil ought to see the manager.

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