Bloggers Grow Up

La Shawn Barber’s Corner » How to Avoid a Blogosphere Scandal: Don’t Plagiarize! is the second post in a series on things that bloggers should be mindful of in their writing. I think of it as a maturing of the blogosphere.

When things started out it was just a big sandbox where the excitement of writing things easily and publishing yourself was all new and shiny. Along the way lessons were learned and issues given consideration. Now there is a collation of helpful guidelines and advice, of which LaShawn’s is wise and well written.

One thought on “Bloggers Grow Up”

  1. I remember one vacation where we ate at IHOP every night because it’s the only place my two-year-old would eat anything. Now he’s older and our choices are a little more varied (but not much).

    Great funny pic!

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