Candy Land

Say What Now? tells about his childhood candy experiences and it reminded me of mine.

“Warning: this post could be hazardous to your diet”

I remember back when I was about 7 or 8 years old, there was this family who lived about 4 blocks away from us, and they would periodically go down to the warehouse part of town and buy a bunch of candy at the wholesale price. They’d bring it home and all the kids in the neighborhood knew that on Wednesday afternoon the store would be open! What this family did was set a couple of tables side by side in a large room at the back of their house, and they’d open many of the boxes of candy and seel it to us kids for a penny a piece! Nothing cost more than 10 cents if memory serves me correctly.

I always went straight for the Swedish Fish…

…Pixie stix…..Chunky….Mike and Ikes… ah yes … I remember,too

I had a toothdecaying childhood-really. I remember the elderly lady next door, Mrs. Vincent. she used to take me to her church’s Vacation Bible School every year, and I peeled the concord grapes on her back porch with her for her jellies, but what I most remember is she always had a candy stash for the neighborhood kids. I could always get some goodies from Mrs. Vincent.

My mom always had me selling things, and one early venture was selling candy from my front porch. I had those candy cigarettes… remember those? One neighborhood boy tried to bully me into accepting some old bicycle chain for candy cigarettes, and spent quite some time arguing with me ( I must’ve been six)- but no way Jose! Momma didn’t raise no fool. Maybe boys thought rut=sty old bike chains were worth something, but little girls did not… it was cough up your money or be on your way.

After we moved from that neighborhood there was the old lady whose house had candy, hot chocolate in the winter, AND board games. Bunches of us kids dropped by after school to play chutes and ladders, candyland [how appropriate now that I think of it], and to ruin our appetites.

Later on I bought my own on the way to school. Favorites? big red wax candy lips, Switzer licorice, sugar daddies, black cows, Musketeer bars, Good and Plenty, candy chain necklaces, little wax bottles,Pixy Stix, and fizzys. I’m telling you I ate lots of candy!
And I remember when Chunky first came out and they had ads with that nerdy guy. I loved Chunkys!

My dad’s favorite was Clark bars and Almond Joy was my Mom’s.

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  1. Can you imagine neighborhood kids stopping by some lady’s house for candy and board games today? The parents would show up with torches and pitchforks.

    I had a big candy addiction when I was a kid, too. I’m sure my enormous sweet tooth has something to do with today’s health problems. But, those Almond Joys are sorely tempting.

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