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Today was Thursday, and I was supposed to be thankful… I was supposed to go to homegroup, I was supposed to finish some posts and get them online here…. I was supposed..well, you get the picture. I’m a little bogged down, when I ‘d rather be blogged down{aw-you saw it coming) …. but last night something nasty happened to my firefox browser- it’s only a dummy browser right now, and I spent unconscionable amounts of time trying to fix it; just because it is the browser I normally use.

To make a long story short…I’ve been on the laptop my generous son gave me for Christmas, but it puts a crick in my usual way of doing things… not mentioning how much stuff I regularly use from bookmarklets in the ol’firefox. I’m not mad, but I was very tired. I zonked out for a few hours late this afternoon and got nada done.N-A-D-A. Stuck a frozen lasagna in for dinner.

oh well. I’ll finish posting some things later,but some of the joy is gone out of it right now-know what I mean?

Plus…and this is a big one, I have to face some ingrates in my family and some incompetance. This is never a picnic, and I just wish I could blithely ignore it…but I haven’t managed that …at least the ingrates are not part of my immediate family circle. Not one to ask for applause, I do get bothered by those who make demands while contributing nothing while I am pushing my limits to take care of business. That really bothers me somehow.

Anyone ever read that book “Irregular People”? I’ve got some of those in my family .

In the Christian context, I must learn to stand on my own two feet, sort of, and just ignore the negativity. I need to practice more gratefulness myself, to offset the way complaint and criticism seems to feed off itself and spread. So… it’s thankful Thursday… ok

Thankful for :
the priviledge of having ths laptop

viewing some terrific programs this week-pbs had a top notch one on Black American roots -catch it’s next installment if you can

my kids being very terrific in 2006 especially

my health has been good-Thanks Lord!

Being able to go to Phoenix last month..seeing a wonderful and healthy grandson. He loved me:)

The weird but warm Ohio weather

And there’s lots more actually…one being some cheesecake my husband bought that I shouldn’t eat… but I’m going to thankfully bite into after I post this.

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  1. Wait! How long have you been back? My RSS reader only picked you up just now.

    Well, welcome back and it’s good to see you. Sorry about your non-productive day. Kay Arthur says when you’re too busy and overwhelmed and things aren’t coming together like they should, you should just go to bed. I think she spelled it n-a-d-a.

    And the photos of this grandbaby are….where?

  2. There is one further down the page 🙂
    You know I didn’t ping like I normally would’ve and that makes a difference in showing up on blogrolls,etc.
    I haven’t been back all that long yet… and thanks for the K.Arthur permission to try and catch up on the rest;)

    It sure was dry in Phoenix-drier than even they are used to.

  3. Hmmm…. Your Firefox problems due to the patch that was just released? I found that all of my extensions were gone after it was installed. But after I re-installed, all of the previous settings were still intact.

    Kinda weird.

    Oh, it’s gonna get cold pretty soon!

  4. That was exatly it, brian! It gave me courage to read your comment- it is now re-installed and all is right with te firefox world on my computer at least.

    Cold? And so it is as of this day…. but in Ohio it was only a matter of time… the warmth was something none of us expected. The inhabitants of Arizona laughed at me when I described our ‘heat-wave’ of 50 degree temps. They were in down parkas at that day time temperature… and it was me that was laughing;) In my sweats…..

  5. Glad to hear Firefox has been healed. What do cessationists do in these situations… 🙂

    I’m in Tennessee so our weather pattern has been similar to yours. But this morning it was low 30s with snow on the back deck. The kids really enjoyed it.

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