Christian- Your Vision Is Too Small

I was over @Intellectuelle
and noticed this question:

Is our vision just too small?

…and remembered that I wrote something to post on a forum I participated in a couple of years ago. Posting for you now.

How long will Christians try to out-world the world? To be smarter, richer, flashier, using the trappings of this world?

And what does it get us? We are filled to nauseous flatulence… but we have a leaness in our souls.

How long will we stay just on this side of justification? Seeing how close we may get to sin, and not get under the bondage? It is time to see we serve a big God. A God in whose right hand are pleasures forevermore.
We have had time in the drunkenness, and the rush that the world had to offer… and now have tasted the Lord. There is nothing to compare! Let’s get drunk in the Spirit….. it is beyond any high this world has and there is no hangover. Only sweet afterglow.

In the Lord, real joy and peace are to be had. In the Lord is healing for all our diseases. We can have health and wholeness, we can enter the jubilee, but we are going to have to have our choice squarely on the Lord’s side. We are going to have to cease from our own ways. Why fear the “left behind” that is future? Better to not be left behind in the move of God in our lives, now.

Our vision is too limited, our conception of our God is bound by our preconceptions, we have given over our time to knowing everything but the person of our God. God, in the beauty of holiness; God, whose mercy endures forever;
God, whose lovingkindness extends to us every morning; God, who can do above all we can ask or think. Jesus gives invitation not only to those who do not yet know Him, it is to whosoever. We may go on and know Him and the heights, depths, width, and all dimensions of His love for us.

We are free to go on into the newness of this life in Christ, how long will we hesitate?

3 thoughts on “Christian- Your Vision Is Too Small”

  1. The thoughts that you posted have been on my heart recently as well. I believe that many Christian Americans have forgotten just how big their God is. I’m trying to formalize some thoughts that I’ve had about “defending the faith”, so thanks for being a catalyst for this.

    I’m not sure that Christ really cares that we’re involved in political struggles about the Pledge of Allegiance, Creationism in public schools, Gay Marriage, the commercialization/secularization of Christmas…etc., etc. I believe He is actually grieved by our distractions, by our opting to busy ourselves with carnal struggles instead of living authentic Christ-following lives. Our goal should not be to change America by politics, but to humbly, but powerfully display our trust in, and love of God and His Son. We should not be engaged in activities that clearly demonstrate insecurity on our part.

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  2. Wasn’t it Mother Teresa who said, “God hasn’t called me to be successful, but to obey”?

    P.S. “filled to nauseous flatulence”… I see a spinoff blog title in that!

  3. you are welcome to use it if you want, Rusty;)

    Sometimes I feel that the rat race wasn’t something God called us to at all…but we put Christian rationalizations in place and off we go!

    Thanks for the quote… it makes me want to go quote hunting now. I can soar on a good quote:)

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