Spiritual Gift Tests, Helpful?

Spiritual Gifts Test Results

Administration/Ruling – 8

Discernment – 17

Evangelism – 18

Exhortation – 16

Faith – 23

Giving – 16

Helps/Serving/Ministering – 7

Knowledge – 15

Mercy – 14

Pastor/Teacher – 12

Teaching – 13

Wisdom – 11

H/T Carol
Because I’ve been a Christian ( born-again spirit-filled by definition) since 1973 and I sought God on what my spiritual gifts were early on, I thought I would take the test ( I’ve taken others in Churches, etc) just to see how it stacks up.

The gift of faith being high on the list was no surprise, this I both knew and have had developed thoughout my time as a Christian. I wrote a post on the topic here.

Evangelism is something I have had both inner goads and decided efforts at developing, although I am not what I consider a standard evangelist, and even on the normal level I think I fall short. I can exhort, but that is not my forte… I would say I don’t like it at times… and in the spirtual gift of discernment I am not gifted, I have only the occasional manifestation that I think comes to believers in the normal way. Perhaps I just haven’t been open to its development. don’t know.

As tests go in this sort of thing I would not rate it more than average. I think spiritual gifts are folded into the larger framework of the type of person that God has made you. I think this because God has plans and an order for each person long before they know of those things.

In the development of using the gift of faith I have developed giving, and this was further underscored by the fact that my father was configured to be a giver, but had the negative aspects because he had not submitted himself to God.

Everyone is fitted for expression of God’s gifts, spiritual and practical, not everyone places themselves in His hands to find the full and true expression possible.

What an exciting thing when God’s gift is opened within us, though. Worth the discovery.