Day of Reflection

September 11 will now always be a day of reflection for many of us. There are some who were so disheartened by that day, now that all the brave talk of ” if we __ , then the terrorists will have won” is faded away. Some of us were tempered into resolve and time has but hardened that… and for some of our children, too young then to know the import of that day are listening to TV specials and receiving their education of what September 11 stands for in vicarious ways.

Did it change us? It changed the entire world, but did it change us? Not as much as it could have, and not as much as it should have, I think. But our circumstances did definitely change, and the world we live in is conformed to the events of that day. In some sense, America grew up. It had to face the harsh realities and put away some of the illusions of the youth of the American Dream.

Mike Harden of the Columbus Dispatch did a piece on one man for whom today’s wars are too much like yesterday’s and who has given up all claims to optimism to start anew as an expatriate. I don’t judge such, their despair is burden enough I think; but I do feel they have gotten the basic message wrong. They have grown weary of the fight against evil, and I can sympathize, except for the fact that our weariness makes no difference in the encroachments of evil, of the march of that which would extinguish freedom.

But today, there is the memory of lives lost, of a world changed, of heroics, of infamy. It is a day of remembrance and a day of reflection…. we may not like what we see, but we must look into it, we must. It will teach lessons we need to recall. Do what good you can, preserve what good you can… even daylight hours may turn to choking darkness given half a chance.