It’s off to Grandma’s house we go

I won’t be blogging much over the week… as I have not been up to my usual pace lately, anyway. If you are familiar with the goings on of my life I am moving my mom in- she can no longer live independently. This weekend is the big move and I will leave to help her today, be there during the move, come home help her move in and all the organization and unpacking that means afterwards. It will be slow unpacking because I ahve to homeschool, despite other demands. Everything is high priority at this time- except blogging. Am I overwhelmed? Need anyone ask….? But I will put up the Scavenger hunt early and take along my notebook in case I have downtime in all the moving, it may be that I can write some the old fashioned way and then put it on the computer later in the week, or sometimes in the week after… right now I know nothing. That is my mental state…. just below a scream, with “I don’t know” on my lips.

Ok it’s not that bad, just feels like it right now. I do fantasize about escaping to the coast of South Carolina ( in my imagination there are no hurricanes this season) -sitting at the beach with an ice tea and the ocean to calm me…the soft sea breeze ruffling -BZZZZT! Day dream over…reality intrudes and I’ll see y’ll later.

First thing when I get back though I will be blog surfing all my favorites and I think I start with Brian & Friends (jlove, Brian, Jenn, Reon) new blog, “a small faith“, and I’ll probably be linking to MaxedOutMama, Fausta, and Anchoress after putting together some things on the delayed Women’s issues posts. I have been thinking about it all summer and I believe I have hit upon some keys that, while controversial, will wade through some of the sticky parts of understanding the pattern of the Bible and what it looks like when it overlays our culture. -that is as much a teaser for you as a reminder for me when I get back to the blog… so I don’t get distracted from things that I really want to write about ( I do that). Like – are we going into what Moneywatch calls “the R word”, recession? Did everyone else think Katy Couric came of as ‘everywoman’ in her debut? She is very likeable, but will news fiends be satisfied? What did you ppl think of the Presidents statement: We have to be right 100% of the time – they only need to be right once.( of terrorists and their plots)..? Stuff like that….

I might even toss off something for Intellectuelle, nothing heavy, just some thoughts…who knows?

3 thoughts on “It’s off to Grandma’s house we go”

  1. I just had a conversation with a priest friend about how so many families choose not to support each other the way you are with your mom, and the way others who would like to cannot afford to because of the expense of life these days.

    You’re doing a wonderful thing, and even when it’s difficult, it’s GOOD.

    God bless you for it!

  2. My prayers will be with you as well. As I mentioned in your Intellectuelle post, we have friends that are going through the same thing right now with their Mom so I know it can a very delicate, balancing act kind of time. I hope that this can be a profitable time for your whole family and that any conflicts can stay to a minimum.

  3. My husband and I know it si the right thing to do, we see the good- but I am a little frightened at the prospect because I am not sure how I will do… I’m not highly organized, etc, and my husband sometimes feels overwhelmed with the work around here. I see-saw between feeling very optimistic and feeling doubtful.

    Thanks for the prayers and encouragement.

    Noticed that I ddin’t get the Scavenger Hunt up as promised…oh well.

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