Degrees of Separation

Checking out the topblogs site out of the curiousity of who is at the top… I came upon Rebelution, read through some posts that piqued my interest, and gave me thoughts of revisiting some past topics. Had to follow through the links to try to put a handle on who these guys are.

When I arrived at Dawn Eden’s post, I discovered that “small world” feeling when putting two and two together. Although they are linked to their now most famous family member, Josh Harris, it was their Dad, whose seminar I attended and their Mom, whose design for an organizational format I used ( for years!), that created the connection for me.

Ok, so I have these reasons to be fascinated, but for the rest of you, if you like to read articulate opinions on important topics, and want to know what the next generation is thinking – along with a well organized and intriguing way of navigating the site, this is a blog you want to check out.

I am trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of why I like their format so well…. just for future reference, ’cause you all know that I like to improve things around here ( we all know I need to!)

Go ahead and check out these “rebelutionaries” for yourself. I bet you add them to your blogroll.

New York Daily News – Ideas & Opinions – Dawn Eden’s Blog On: Think big! HS twins tell peers

Most high schoolers’ blogs are the online equivalent of perfumed diaries or locker-room walls – outlets for teens to gossip, confess and network with their pals.
But a pair of 16-year-old home-schooled twins from Oregon who look like they could be in a boy band are out to change that.


Here is their dad

Gregg Harris is blogging just this month it appears! So far he has previously written article, but might move on up quickly as he gets the hang of blogging.

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