I loved my old theme “Coldstone”, and I hope to be able to bring it back, but in upgrading things I somehow ran into too many snafus and it just wouldn’t work. So we are back to “Cutline” or something else as soon as I can get things to work for me.

My personal life has been busy, and a bit distracted. My husband and I have finally made updated wills… after twenty five years or so, it was time. Life is full of such business, and my mind is more given to creative ponderings and play. The intersection of organizational and business demands with the free spirit mindset is not a pretty thing! Tinkerbell meets Brave New World or something like that.

Well…. I hope to get that site in order and then actually write. And I have housecleaning to do, and teaching, and I really ought to fix a balanced meal or two. Well, you might get the picture. Or maybe not, because I haven’t included the garden chores of fall, the teen social schedule, the holiday preparations, the years of accumulated clutter that are STILL in need of addressing, old business come due. I think half the busyness of our lives has to do with the lack of expected tasks of seasons and the fragmentation of our society. The “woman’s work is never done” did not go away, it merely took on the overlay of meeting all sorts of work demands that were created by the “man’s world” of yesterday.

Yes, you can argue all you want about my non-PC language… but today’s woman has to wade through enormous amounts of clamor for her time and requirements of her energies and resources. It isn’t that women can’t do that, but how taxing it all is. Sidestepping is one of the little known abilities that become necessary.

Shame, that.

Sorry…just meant to alert any readers that the theme template changed out of …such necessity. Back to our regular programming ASAP.

2 thoughts on “Disturbances”

  1. i just left a post on garden blog that
    addresses this very thing. we were
    both contemplating similar stuff. D’oh!
    what to keep and what to lose/ discard?
    how to have time for everything and
    make time for your own need for
    peaceful quiet? i have been leaving
    un-necessary things behind, not
    really consciously, but sort of a slow
    paring down of everything i take care of
    constantly, thoughtlessly.
    i used my garden as a metaphor
    for life, but i hold so much so dear
    that i live with too much, out of habit.
    not having a tiller this season has
    been a useful experience…my perennials
    and shrubs are grateful. so has the
    “rule of halves” keep half, get rid of half,
    eat half, worry about half…etc. what a quickie
    way to have half-again as much time to
    tend to the flock.
    love, j.

  2. it is a conundrum I regularly visit…sometimes mixed with the reappearance of identity crisis, but mostly just seasonal ( in year and in life) adjustments.

    Instead of halves… mine is a carousel … or Merry-go-round ride;)

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