Facts Figures And Fables

These are the things I’m thinking about.

A heads up on the direction of posts, a few things to peruse for yourself.

I’m checking out the financials alot lately. I’m at that age… the age where you have to consider ‘retirement’. That is in a quote because for our situation, in this household, retirement means adjustment of life and income, but not the leisured life of no work. My husband and I are slated to work ’til we die, or are incapacitated, whichever comes first. So I am spending lots of time playing catch-up in learning about financial realities and strategies. Not very spiritual on the outside of it, but I could make my case that sometimes Christians should have a balanced view on the practicalities of life and the purpose of wealth.

Another thing that I’m looking at is the teaching on “the Jezebal spirit” and the view of this sort of “spirit” doctrine. There are some interesting things to say on the topic. It all started when I picked up a book my daughter was reading by John Paul Jackson.

Today I came across a couple things that piqued my attention:
volcanoes and the history of some doozies.
Lorna’s blog and the topics of interest there.

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  1. The Jezebal Spirit book is good – though I felt it lulled you into suspecting it of yourself or pointing hte finger at others. His earlier book Needless casulties of War was far more useful. IMHO

    glad I piqued your attention!

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